November is National Epilepsy Month. African Americans comprise 12% or

350,000 of the more than 3 million Americans living with epilepsy, a

medical condition characterized by two or more unprovoked seizures.

One in ten African-Americans lives with epilepsy. African-Americans

living with epilepsy are more likely to go undiagnosed, experience

disparity in medical treatment, have limited access to epilepsy

resources and remain in isolation stigmatized by public misperception

about epilepsy.

Please consider scheduling an interview with Veronica Crowe, an

African American Epilepsy Advocate who travels the country with the

hope of inspiring others to seek the best care possible and live

successfully with epilepsy.  She has completed college, achieved a

career dream of working in a law firm, lives in her own apartment and

is planning a trip abroad.

Epilepsy can affect anyone at anytime and for a lifetime. One in 3

people know someone with epilepsy, yet few know how to help someone

with epilepsy or how to help someone having a seizure.  Common

misperceptions that seizures are “fits”, and that you must hold down a

person having a seizure and place a spoon in their mouth so they don’t

swallow their tongue are harmful stereotypes that cause fear and

stigmatize the condition.

Veronica and her doctor, Dr. Robert Leroy, Medical City, are available

for interviews to help educate your listeners about epilepsy and

epilepsy resources including Epilepsy Advocate —a community of people

who share their epilepsy challenges and successes so that more people

are empowered to seek medical care with a goal of achieving seizure

freedom with minimal side effects.

We will contact your office to confirm receipt of this correspondence

and follow-up on the interview request.  If you have any questions or

need additional information in the interim, please reply via email to or call me on my mobile phone at 708.439.0326.

Attached is the About Epilepsy fact sheet.  For more information on

epilepsy and the Epilepsy Advocate visit

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