All that talking Soulja Boy’s been doing lately about capping folks finally caught up to him. TMZ reports Soulja’s been arrested for violating probation when police searched his Hollywood Hills home and found a gun. He’s already on probation for a loaded gun case he was found guilty of a couple years ago, and part of […]

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Today is ‪#‎CyberMonday‬! Which do you prefer shopping online or going to the store? Why? Rashawn Thompson I’d rather go to the store…


So as everyone on the East Coast of the United States was recovering from the final “Scandal” episode of the year….that girl Beyonce (who is…

The rise of online pawning has made the practice more appealing to people who need cash immediately but prefer the discreet nature of a few clicks on the Internet to the potential embarrassment of being discovered inside of a brick-and-mortar pawnshop. Online pawning also appeals to men and women who are accustomed to making online […]

I recently wrote a post about social networks and how they are great for meeting new people, and staying in contacts with old friends etc.. However, with that comes the exposure to weirdos and other eccentric folk as well. In my short time writing on this YeahSheSaidIt I have already met my fair share of […]

I generally like Facebook. It is a way to connect with friends and my readers. Facebook itself is a great social tool. It only becomes a problem when Facebook users start to do creepy s**t. Like, instant messaging someone whom you have never had a conversation with, never met, know nothing about and the first […]