Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks?

Three ways to SAFELY Trick-O-Treat This week! Plus Reec of Hot 107.9 will be there with his celebrity friends!

B.o.B is a pleasure to interview because he pulls no punches and holds nothing back and it reflects in the discussion! Case in point…who else could…

It seems to be the unspoken rule with toddlers is: If it fits in your mouth, it was meant to be swallowed. Just as parents figured out how to live without bite-sized batteries and magnets, a new threat appeared: Toddlers around the country are mistaking handy single-use laundry detergent packets for tasty treats Read The […]

A California man faces federal drug charges for allegedly trying to smuggle more than 4 pounds of methamphetamine to Japan in what looked like dozens of Snickers bars. Read More Here: http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/feds-calif-man-attempts-smuggle-meth-candy-000222842.html?.b=odd&.ts=1343739745&.intl=US&.lang=en