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I had my windows opened all last night and it finally hit me: you forgot what the hood felt like. Here’s how you know you left.

5. Your Ankles are Safe

irina shayk - celebs and pitbulls

Source: Splash News

There’s no fear of the neighbor’s dog getting loose and biting through your Achilles heel. Unless you live wherever Dak Prescott’s dog does.

4. The Potential for Burglary Becomes Limitless

Mother Fatally Shoots Her 4 Children Before Shooting Self

Source: Roberto Gonzalez / Getty

All you see are huge houses with beautiful driveways, luxury cars…and no curtains on the windows. I mean you can see all in the house! Is this why they have neighborhood watch?

3. It’s Noisy

Close-Up Of Gryllus bimaculatus In Egg Carton

Source: Sutthiwat Srikhrueadam / Getty

Not with blaring music, people fighting, or gunshots…no it’s loud with something way worse: crickets. Have you ever just laid up and heard crickets chirp?? If I had to walk at night, I’d definitely wear a hoodie. Well….maybe not.

2. The Holidays are REAL Festive

From A like Advent wreath to Z like twigs

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Halloween in the front yard looks like a real graveyard, and don’t even get me started on Christmas! Nativity scene so lit up, it got Jesus looking at it like he don’t remember being born there! Their light bill is higher than my mama’s property taxes!

1. You Have Travel to a Liquor Store

Snoop Dogg Cuca Fresca Cachaca meet and greet and cocktail party

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You’re used to the Holy Trinity: the liquor store, pawn shop, and a McDonald’s within a 500 feet radius. But leave the hood and they have health stores, good schools, community centers…it’s almost like they don’t want the hood to have these things…