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The CFDA has championed diversity within the fashion industry, particularly focusing on New York Fashion Week. Fashion designers, like Zac Posen, made headlines when he cast only Black models for his New York Fashion Week show. Is Gucci taking note of the magic of melanin?

It seems so.

The fashion brand released nine videos of what appears to be parts of the models casting video for Gucci. Forward thinking and progressive, Midland Agency led the casting, whose clients include Hood By Air. The videos have models answering questions, like, “What’s your spirit animal?” and has the models dancing. You look at each of the videos and you just see an array of melanin and beauty. Black women with afro’s and relaxed hair. Curls that vary. You see Blackness in many hues.

With Alessandro Michele, at the creative helm of Gucci since 2015, you have noticed they have mastered the art of teasing their campaigns and leaving consumers and fans wanting more. Whether it was Jared Leto taking over their Snapchat account and teasing behind the scene shots of the campaign or when they took us on a tour of a greenhouse, Gucci keeps you guessing.

The nine videos in total, encompass four Black women and five Black men. Gucci has declined to comment on anything outside of these videos. Nevertheless, this teaser for their upcoming campaign is really shining light on Black models as well as the lack of diversity within high fashion and the fashion industry in general.

Will their upcoming campaign feature only models of color? I hope so. It would be a great example of how to be an ally to people of color and bring awareness to issues (even if you aren’t directly talking about them). During a tumultuous year with shootings and constant protest from the Black Lives Matter movement regarding the desire need for support and safety in America, our eyes can no longer be closed to the racism Blacks face and the setbacks that are a result.

#BlackModelsMatter. I hope Gucci is bold enough to say the same with an all Black campaign. Regardless, kudos for this step and featuring nine Black models on their Instagram boasting 12.4M followers.

Visit Gucci’s Instagram to watch all the videos.


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