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For the love of Ray J this is not!! More like desperate housewives- or (wanna be) husband in this case!   It looks like Kim Kardashian cannot get a break, as her  porn video co-star / singer / actor / obsessed ex-boyfriend -better known as-  Ray J has really taken it there- 6 years later!!  His most recent song, “I Hit It First” – which was all about Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s previous relationship – was bad enough.  However, now he has done the unthinkable and released its music video- and wow-  was definitely left speechless… and a little disturbed…

Kanye West maybe cool with Ray J’s sister Brandy, but will that be enough to calm his famous temper  – or will the next video her brother ends up being a fight video with Yeezy?  Ray J may be Cali backed, but Chi-town is no joke either!

So for fun, let’s say a real confrontation does take place…

Who do you think would win:  Kim K’s current (or most recent former, according to some rumors) lover Kanye West, or her in-need-of-attention / borderline obsessed ex-boyfriend Ray J?

Can’t help but wonder- is Kris Humphries laughing out loud somewhere ?

Check out the music video here:

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