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In this day and age people really need to quit the BS and think before they act!

Did you hear about what happened in Ohio? A man was stabbed because he didn’t know that Beyonce and Jay Z were married.

People got to make sure they take the medication!

Out there in Ohio, the Fox 8 News reported that on New Year’s Eve, 31-year-old dude named Ronald Deaver was arrested for stabbing a 48-year-old Garfield Heights man because he didn’t know that Beyonce’s husband was legendary rapper Jay-Z.

Pause and let that sink in. WTF RIGHT?

We know that Jayonce is the face of hip hop and the ultimate power couple but to stab someone over them is just freakin ridiculous. Where are these peoples morals at? What kinda time do these people have on their hands? The thought of the entire incident is enough to make anybody get pissed or cringe up. I know it is some crazy stuff happening in the world but this seems like some kind of cartoon or something. The world might really be coming to an end with crazy people like that running around.

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