Fuel City

Source: Fuel City Kitchen / Jazzi Black

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Lucky us! Not only do we get to live in the greatest city in America, we get the best damn tacos too! Do you like flour or corn tortillas? Chicken or steak? However you get them, Fuel City is sure to deliver the greatest fast food experience after you get off work or when you’re leaving the club at 3 AM on Friday night.

Since it’s only about 5 minutes from my house, a friend and I took a trip Monday night to satisfy our taco crave. We were super excited and we both hadn’t been in so long. I decided to take my camera for pics, and plotted on how I would get access to the kitchen..and yes, my plan did work.

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Once we pulled up, I couldn’t waste any time.  Ordered my tacos from the window, then went inside to drop the bomb on them. Of course I started name dropping because I needed something to help boost the agenda of “Operation take over Fuel City’s Kitchen.” “HEY Y’ALL! 97.9 THE BEAT IN THE BUILDING!!!!” , I yelled. It didn’t take too long before they allowed us in, and I was hoping I wasn’t the craziest person they’d ever seen.

“Man we see all types of people. Young, old, everybody.”says Jorge, our favorite “taco boy.” Customers from every side of town and even America come all the way to Dallas just to visit the #1 Taco spot in Texas! There’s actually three locations in DFW, but my personal favorite is in Downtown Dallas off Riverfront. Stop by on Sunday’s, get a car wash, and hope you get a good spot in line for their delicious elote (Mexican street corn).”Yeah, even the strippers come in and make it rain after they get off work. You look up and there’s just money flying everywhere.” Oh….well call me next time so I can get some rent money and a pack of skittles on my way out.