A Florida 15-year-old girl was chased up a tree by an alligator while she was laying on a raft in a swimming area near,  Alligator Springs.  I’ll tell you one thing I am not swimming in any waters called Alligator anything, nope not me! A deputy was called to the home and eventually had to shoot […]

Caitlyn Jenner has faced a roller coaster of events this year and seems that she’s ready for the holidays and to end 2015 with a bang. According to reports, five people who were in the Hummer that was part of the fatal crash triggered by Caitlyn have filed a lawsuit, claiming they were injured both physically and […]

Ok,  now I need to take my kids camping!!!! LOL  Would you have turned it in?? According to German reports, police said that over $200,000 in cash was held in a plastic bag and suspended from a treetop. Temperatures was hot and humid causing a pipe from which the bag of money was hanging between […]