Description: This Holiday Season virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana will be a big hit however if your African-American, Latino, Indian or any other minority you might have a issue. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING: If your a new American citizen the Department of Homeland Security now wants your social media handle. TECH MOVES: Oakland […]

There was no algorithm or data that would predict the Texas church shooter, yet let a crime go down in Compton, St. Louis or the Bronx and the ‘predictive policing’ is in place. Meek Mill’s prison sentencing stems from a ‘selfie’ at the St. Louis airport. Follow The Beat On Twitter: Fake news, now Dr. […]

The record labels that were once meant to help artists generate albums, fame, and money are now obsolete. Learn about the new model these labels may use in the future. The Church of Artificial Intelligence-It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but here’s a new church for tech-minded folks. Follow The Beat […]

An online fashion store is giving away a slinky, skin-hugging, hi-tech bodysuit to help its shoppers get the right size. The bodysuit “is capable of capturing 15,000 precise measurements” with all its sensors, according to its creator, Zozo. It goes from neck to ankles, and works for both men and women. The Zozosuit has Bluetooth so it […]

The effects of technology on sex, people love sexting globally. #Damn, California says ‘Hell to the No’ regarding drones delivering cannabis. T-Mobile & Sprint merger talk round 3. Marshawn Lynch goes ‘hyphy’ with Facebook Watch. The word of the day is ‘Artificial Intelligence.” Wearable Tech: The hottest two gadgets. The Islamic State of Instagram and […]

In This Episode: Talk Dirty To Me Siri, Our Sexual Future With Robots, Apple Has Sold 1.2 Billion iPhones Since Launching The Device A Decade Ago, The FBI Has Your Biometrics And It Doesn’t Have To Tell You, The World Most Popular Muslim App Just Got Bought, Mixed Reality Comes To The NFL, Facebook to […]

In This Episode: R.I.P. traditional education enter a new era in education, YouTube dominates Music, this app alerts you if you stink, The NBA embraces virtual reality, LinkedIn adds video, India dethrones Americas in Facebook Users, bored to jail.