Police, fire and emergency management crews are on the scene of an active shooter incident at a Walmart  in Amarillo, Texas. Officials have warned drivers to avoid I-27 and Georgia. No word on injuries at this time. There are unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation.   UPDATE 1:28 pm: Amarillo Police Department reports that the suspect […]

This Persian Rapper grew up in Ft. Worth and attended Pasqual High School and is now a student majoring in Business Marketing at West Texas A&M in Canyon, just south of Amarillo. Check out this exclusive video as he gets ready to perform on THE RAISING THE BAR STAGE at the 2013 97.9 The Beat […]

ADAIR LION, a proud Chicano takes a strong look at the way “Gays” are looked at in society and Hip Hop. Here’s, in Adair’s words, is the reason he created this song, I love hip-hop, it’s all I do, everyday all day. It’s the only way I stay alive. In the hip-hop world it’s not […]