Travis Scott fans were given good news at his Brooklyn, New York, concert with Metro Boomin Tuesday night.

According to Pusha T, Big Sean is slated to drop a brand new album sometime in the new year.

Back in 2012, Mila Kunis experienced a pretty crazy scare when she discovered she had an intense stalker, who had followed her to the gym.…

Check out one of Kelly Rowland’s promo shots for her upcoming album! She looks beautiful! However, this album is still in desperate need of a name. And she’s calling on YOU to help her. She initially decided that it would be a self-titled record, however after receiving a negative response to that idea–we didn’t like […]

Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter account to announce the official release date of her debut album. Now all we need now is a title, an album cover, and a leak of all the songs, and we’re all set! It’ll be out just in time for the Grammy’s, so we’re wondering if she’ll be put […]

THATGRAPEJUICE: Melanie Fiona is already working on a new studio album, ‘The MF Life’. The R&B singer was backstage at the Essence Music Festival where she was engaged in an interview with Sound Savvy World and stated that the LP, which might feature a collaboration with John Legend, will have a “Stadium Soul” sound (2:40 […]

She says, "I didn't have a choice. As I have been performing lately I see the response to 'Love All Over Me' & it was a blessed feeling to see people singing along, holding their spouses and screaming during this record."

Singer worked on the project with the Roots, whom he has been 'following since I was a kid at UPenn.'

The project is due May 25, about a month before she embarks on her “Last Girl on Earth” tour with Ke$ha.