Veda Loca in the Morning

Source: Elija at IK Studios / CS / Radio One, Inc.

How many years of experience do you have in radio?

Jazzi Black: Professionally since 2017, but I did radio in college all 4 years.

JKruz: I’ve been in radio since 2004.

Veda Loca: I’ve been in radio since 2002.

DJ Kayotik: I’ve been in radio since 2007.

What are three of your hobbies?

Jazzi Black: Videography, going to art and science museums, and collecting cactuses!

JKruz: Basketball, superheroes, and movies.

Veda Loca: Knitting, hiking, and collecting stamps.

DJ Kayotik: Working out at the gym, listening to new music, and binge watching TV shows on Netflix!

Where is your hometown?

Jazzi Black: I was born in Sacramento, CA, but I was raised here in Dallas!

JKruz: Queens, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.

Veda Loca: Washington, D.C.

DJ Kayotik: New York City, NY.

What makes your personality unique?

Jazzi Black: I’m just a little ball of fun! I love to crack jokes and make people feel good about themselves by giving compliments. Just being down-to-earth, honest, and being optimistic about life will take you a long way.

JKruz: My diverse background. I’m like a chameleon; I can get along with anyone, anywhere.

Veda Loca: I’m SUPER transparent and I don’t mind talking about ANY Subject!!!!!

DJ Kayotik: Committed to giving back to my community. Philanthropy continues to be my primary focus while utilizing the platform of radio to help, motivate and inspire others daily!

If you attended college, where did you attend?

Jazzi Black: I am a product of the prestigious Prairie View A&M University! After that, I was blessed to get my Master’s degree from Texas Southern University. Both of them are HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges + Universities).

JKruz: Duff’s Business Institute.

Veda Loca: I attended a college orientation, but didn’t attend the college.

DJ Kayotik: John Jay University in New York for Criminal Law — back in the day I wanted to be a lawyer.

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