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Nicki Minaj is still coasting on the high waves after dropping her latest studio album Pink Friday 2 last week and is now making the media rounds. The American-Trinidadian superstar joined with popular streamer Kai Cenat for a stream event that has the Barbz celebrating but also sparked some critics to chime in, too.

Nicki Minaj hopped on Twitch with Kai Cenat early Thursday morning (December 14) with fans of both figures tuning in at major numbers even in the wee hours. The pair, who both share Trinidadian heritage, talked about Pink Friday 2, engaged with fans, held a dance party, took some shots, and Minaj also shared a new track.

According to some of the chatter we’ve seen online, the stream got over 360,000 views and apparently shattered Cenat’s viewership record but we have yet to confirm that on our side. However, it would be safe to see that having over 300,000 viewers turned in at the hour they began is impressive all the same.

Given the age difference between Cenat, 21, and Minaj, 41, and considering that Cenat’s audience is also on the younger side, some observers didn’t understand the pairing. There was also a dig from a notable Hip-Hop journalist that stood out, which we’ll share in the reactions later.

Despite that, the two seemed to enjoy each other’s company and Minaj joined in a wild dance party with Cenat and his friends. There was also a point where Cenat introduced Minaj to his mother and twin sister.

On X, formerly Twitter, folks are adding their thoughts about Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat connecting on Twitch. Check out the reactions below.

Pink Friday 2 is out now.

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