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He’s here!

Pop queen Rihanna and GRAMMY-nominated rap sensation A$AP Rocky, currently the music industry’s hottest It couple, have just welcomed their second child — oh, and it’s a boy again!

Given Rih’s signature niche for a tomboy aesthetic in the vain of her fashion muse Aaliyah, it makes perfect sense that the ANTI hitmaker would end up with a house full of boys.

…or, as she put it during a trip to the homeland earlier this summer, her “Bajan boyz.”


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We couldn’t be happier for the talented two as they grow into a family of four, and we already know how hard it can be to come up with the perfect name for your child. Sure, they had no issues coming up with the genius idea to name their firstborn after Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA, but where do you go from there when it’s the Rihanna and A$AP Rocky we’re talking about?!

Fret no more, fashion killas; we decided to take the burden off their shoulders by blessing Rih & Rocky with 15 amazing baby name suggestions inspired by the careers of both award-winning musicians. Even though GZA seems like the easiest choice, we doubt the clever couple are about repeating the same thing twice. GRAMMY has a nice ring to it, but maybe dad needs to win one to make it make all the way sense — it’s coming, fam!

No, we came up with a few that are way more seamless and also honor past family members, their own government names and a few that we’ll let you catch the reference to as you read along.

Keep scrolling to see 15 baby names that in our opinion would fit RZA Mayers’ baby bro to perfection. Rih and Rocky, feel free to thank us later:


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RAKIM JR. Source:Getty

Starting off with the obvious. Never a bad thing to be named after pops, right?


RUDY Source:Getty

We can already hear Rihanna screaming across the kitchen: 

“Come here, Rudy boy boy!”


ANTONI Source:Getty

A play on the title of ANTI, her most creative and, sadly for fans, most recent album. Hopefully this move could inspire, you know, some new music?


FENTY Source:Getty

Do like Tina Knowles did with Beyoncé and preserve your maiden name, Rih!



Imagine the irony of them naming him Athlelaston RZA Mayers just to mess with our heads. With these two, anything’s possible!


ROBIN Source:Getty

Thankfully Rihanna’s first name is unisex and can be spelled differently for a more masculine tone. 


MAYOR Source:Getty

Mayor Mayers would be such a boss name!


RONALD II Source:Getty

We all know how much Rihanna loves her dad, and this would be the ultimate tribute to him. 


GREENE Source:Getty

It’s been a longtime rumor that Rihanna’s favorite color is green, so we say make it official!

10. RAJ

RAJ Source:Getty

We think her brother, Rajad Fenty, would like this suggestion very much.

11. SAM

SAM Source:Getty

Rihanna also has a half-sister on her dad’s side named Samantha, so this could be a cool male version for some familial recognition.


JAMIE JR. Source:Getty

Another brother, another reason to show how much she cares as the big sis. 

13. ROAR

ROAR Source:Getty

Ok, one more family tribute by way of her brother, Rorrey Fenty, but this time with a slight twist.

14. SEAN

SEAN Source:Getty

Not exactly spelled like the man who gave Rihanna her big break 18 years ago, but we think Mr. Shawn Carter would definitely find this to be an honorable tribute.


ROCKY Source:Getty

If not Rakim Jr., this is the next best option as a tribute to papa!