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Erykah Badu upholds an image of good vibes, harmony, and oneness with the planet but even she said that it can get real right quick with her. At a recent concert, a fight broke that gave weight to Ms. Badu’s earlier statement and folks on Twitter are scratching their heads wondering what went down.

Posted on July 5 by @imaniology_, Erykah Badu was in the midst of singing her hit track “Window Seat” when a smartphone video revealed a fight between three women that a person in the comments claimed was due to a woman standing on a seat behind her and bumping the back of the seat in front of her. As that might be an annoying occurrence when you’re trying to hear one of your favorite songs, it makes a little bit of sense that hands got thrown at that moment.

The moment was so explosive online that even Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots chimed in via Twitter, sending a message to James Poyser that the music their producing is now sparking brawls in a joking manner. Badu reportedly commented on the brawl herself, writing in an Instagram Story post that “sometimes you gotta let it all out.”

It isn’t known where the concert and fight took place but what is clear is that Twitter is having way too much fun with the topic. Badu is all about the vibes so hopefully, this isn’t the start of a trend to get it popping at laidback R&B concerts.

Check out the reactions from Twitter below.

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