Celebrations are in order for Dallas, Tx  Rapper Bobby Sessions after receiving a prestigious Grammy Award representing the Tripple D.

The “Young Legend” from Dallas, Tx is a multifaceted artist who began his career in 2010. Sessions experienced humbled beginnings performing weekly poetry at an open mic night at University of North Texas. It was at that moment he realized his gift of grabbing the attention of a crowd and began to take rapping more seriously.

You can best recognize his work by his infectious use of words addressing the straightforward truths about America; and the Black people upon which its foundation was laid. His vibe can simply be felt by his lyrically deep calls for revolution like his 2018 single, “Like Me” and motivational anthems reinforcing The Law of Attraction, 2021 single “Gold Rolex”.

The Pleasant Groove native recently celebrated a huge milestone in his career by receiving a Grammy Award for “Best Rap Song” in assisting fellow Texan artist, Megan Thee Stallion with co-writing a #1 record on the Billboard Hot 100, Beyonce-featured hit “Savage”.

Oftentimes as a community, Dallas, Ft. Worth fails to celebrate wins and accomplishments of our own unknowingly damaging the unity.  His journey in receiving a grammy award was far from easy and is just a snapshot of what’s aligned and divine for his bright future.

It took a lot of manifesting, hard work, focus, and determination to accomplish what he’s accomplished in his career thus far and we were able to witness it. From transforming poems into rap verses at UNT open mic; to quitting his 9-5 job in 2014 and dedicating his time to become a full-time recording artist and performing in at the 97.9 2018 Dub Car Show and Concert.

In honor of Black Music Month, we salute congratulate Bobby Sessions and for leading the way and furthering the Dallas music community. See how Sessions celebrated this great accomplishment for the whole city of Dallas.

1. Bobby Sessions Celebration

Grammy award-winning artist, Bobby Sessions celebrates by drinking chagmpagne out of his Grammy Award.