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James Harden & Lil Baby

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Rappers & athletes have entered each other’s world for years now. Throughout the time we have gotten some notable bromances. In the same breath, we also have gotten the “Drake curse” that any athlete that hangs out with Drizzy comes up short from winning a championship. The Raptors might’ve broken that curse when they brought home the 2019 NBA Finals trophy back to Toronto.

Recently NBA player James Harden and the hottest rapper in the game, Lil Baby have become very close. Brooklyn Nets fans have complained about the lack of productivity Harden has started the season with and have been quick to blame Lil Baby for it. Twitter trolls insist that James Harden was too busy in Paris hanging out with Lil Baby then training for the upcoming season. Tons of athletes have been able to balance the lifestyle of being friends with a rapper and having a long successful career in their respective sport.

Check the list out of rapper-athlete friends throughout the years!


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Best Rapper-Athlete Bromances Throughout The Years  was originally published on

1. Drake & Steph Curry

2. Rick Ross & Floyd Mayweather

3. Wale & Triple H

4. Drake & Lebron James

5. Meek Mill & Joel Embbid, Ben Simmons

6. Migos & Alvin Kamara

7. Jay-z & Lamelo Ball