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Erykah Badu

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It doesn’t get more ethereal and mystical than Erykah Badu. The Texas-bred beauty has been giving the world gospel for nearly 30 years yet has still managed to keep her mystique. In a December 2017 interview with Vogue Magazine, Badu declared:

“We are all connected, not only with one another, but with the matter around us. We’re just vibrating at different rates. Whenever there is a song in a key of C.I am resonating with all those things that connect with that note’s frequency: the root chakra, the color red, the idea of tribe and community and grounding.”

We can all learn a thing or two, or four, from the mom of three who is never afraid to tell it like it is — even if the masses don’t agree.

” It’s not what I’m saying, it’s how I’m vibrating.”

Only two months into 2019 and Badu has already had social media in an uproar twice over her less than popular opinion about R.Kelly and Jussie Smollett. She may have been on point when it comes to Jussie’s little situation, but folks still aren’t feeling her humanizing comments about Kelly. However, with her authenticity and sense of humor, many fans still respect her, whether they agree with her perspectives or not.

Let’s not forget the time she cheerfully clapped back at a follower for trying to get folks to cancel her. The (former) fan tweeted:

“Are we done with @fatbellybella yet? First co-signing a predator. Now, tryna sub tweet about not taking reports on Jussie seriously. I’m worried about her math skills. The way she been ackin, she miscounted dem dollars and dimes.”

Fat Belly Bella wasted no time getting him all the way together:

“Now Xavier, How you gone encourage the group to cancel me and you got my tweets on alert so you can jump out the bushes everytime I say something punk ? FOH . YOU’RE CANCELED!!! I’m bout to help you not have to be worried with my tweets . Watch. Lol”

Not only do we know that Badu is unf***withable when it comes to her music and flagrantly funny clapbacks, but she also looks damn good while doing it.

“I hope I’m as fine as @fatbellybella when I’m 48 y.o”- @D6Brown19

Everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Janelle Monae revealed that they once did (or still do) have a crush on Badu. When Monae came out as Pansexual in 2018, Badu joked that she must not have been Janelle’s type. But quite the contrary. Janelle responded:

“Well since we being honest, you were one of my first crushes. I thought you knew.”  Oop!


In honor of Badulla Oblongata, aka Sara Bellum, aka Analogue Girl in a Digital World’s 48th trip around the sun, let’s take a look at some of her most mystically, magickal pics.

48??!! Magical Milfy Pics Of Ms. Erykah Badu   was originally published on

1. Oh hiii.


2. Easy


3. Green Eyes


4. Flaw-less.


5. Orange Moon


6. Magikal


7. Heart eyes.


8. Oop


9. She Ill


10. Kolorful Kween


11. Groovy


12. Dope on a rope.


13. Hello, hello, hey, hello hello.