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No one likes to be compared to their BFF, but unfortunately for Jordyn Woods, it’s been happening most of her young life. It’s not that folks compared Jordyn to her best friend Kylie Jenner, but Kylie most likely gets the spotlight wherever they go. But the beautiful thing about the Woods is that she never tries to compete with her famous friend, from what we can tell.


She’s been Kylie’s number one supporter since day one. Even when Kylie had her own show on E, Jordyn was right by her side in almost every scene — even though she often complained about being the tag along bestie.

You can tell that Jordyn is a ride or die type of friend though. She’s modeled for the Khloe and Kylie, and she kept the worst kept secret of 2018 a secret — Kylie’s pregnancy.  She has always had her own thing going on too. The 21-year old forged her own career in the fashion industry a couple of years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

She literally went from being Kylie’s best friend that’s just around, to being the hot friend.

The two recently celebrated Jordyn’s birthday looking super luscious in latex, and the birthday girl definitely showed up and showed out for her big day.


In honor of the young star’s 21st birthday, let’s take a look at all the time Jordyn Woods was way hotter than Kylie Jenner.


10 Times Jordyn Woods Was Hotter Than Kylie Jenner  was originally published on

1. Baddies

Who’s looking at Kylie though? Jordyn is smoking hot.

2. Model Tingz

Jordy was the highlight of this photo, let’s be honest.

3. Girls Night Out

Jordy stays serving face. We can’t get enough.

4. BFF’s

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. You think Jordyn is flattered by Kylie?

5. Pool Tingz

Since when did Jordyn become a snack. Geesh.

6. Smoking!

No seriously. Her glow up is real. Kylie who?

7. Serving more face.

We’re convinced that Kylie may bite Jordyn’s swag from time to time.

8. Whose that girl?

Jordyn’s an inspiration to full figured young women everywhere.

9. Birthday Tingz

Au naturale with the long locks. We love a good model moment. Yesss Jordy.

10. Young Queen Tingz

Folks are even saying Jordyn resembles Aaliyah in some photos. We can see that.