This October brought North Texans a rare experience that wont happen again in this part of the world until 2046, according to NASA! The annular eclipse known as the ‘Ring of Fire’ crossed the DFW with an 80-85% viewing coverage showing the moon passing between the Earth and sun at its farthest point of orbit […]

We’ve been watching technology advance at a rapid speed since the computer went public in 1974. From CD players to cell phones, researchers have pushed the boundaries of science to prepare the world for the future utopia. Decades later, and now everyone, not just scientists, have the same access to high-powered technology like artificial intelligence. […]

Earlier this year in January, a very rare case of the viral infection Monkeypox was discovered in England, now the first case in the U.S. was reported Wednesday in Massachusetts. Monkeypox according to the CDC is spread similar to COVID through any openings on the body (mouth, nose, wound)  when a person comes into contact […]