Jazzi Black

Last night’s Verzuz battle showed hip-hop in its purest form as The Lox and Dipset went head to head in New York at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater. Let’s start with Jadakiss playfully disrespecting Juelz Santana mid-battle rap…because they’re friends in real life. But Cam’ron came back with that FIRE! Of course Twitter was on […]

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know how INTENSE of a threat the new COVID-19 Delta variant is to our nation. With “Outside” opening back up, our Texas governor removing the mask mandate, and only about 44% of Texas being fully vaccinated, the air is feeling pretty gross right now. There are rumors of […]

Now usually when someone mentions bees, unless you’re a beekeeper, most people are quick to react “accordingly”. This time however, they weren’t trying to attack you mid-selfie or busy helping flowers and plants grow through pollination. Instead, they were looking for a sip of something cool to refresh their hot bug summer. Yes, you read […]

Frankie Lons, Keyshia's mom, passed away last night as she was celebrating her 61st birthday.

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned 83 year old Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction AND ordered his release from prison after finding that he was denied protection against self-incrimination. About 58 women have come out to say that Cosby sexually assaulted or raped them from the mid-1960’s to the late 2000’s. According to the Washington […]

I’m a rookie who sounds like I’ve been in the game for a long time; it’s just the quality of the music I’m making,” declares 17-year-old rapper Y Chibi. Get to know rising artist Ychibi with Jazzi Black as she has a 1 on 1 and talks about his new hit single ” Big dog”, […]

Check out  “The Midday Kickback w/ Jazzi Black” featuring Big Tuck! We talked about the importance of Dallas radio to artist living in a top 5 market, played ‘Who Wants To Be A Dallionaire’ and made a made a nursery rhyme remix featuring Not A Stain on me and Wheels on the Bus!  

Well what do you know, scientist have confirmed that music really is the ‘universal language’. Even though there’s soooo many different types of sounds, rhythms, and melodies, one thing that was consistent in the study held by Harvard University was the ‘behaviors associated with songs’. Discover magazine says “Almost every society the researchers studied sang […]

You ever met someone that loves the smell of gas? No, not that gas! The kind you get from the actual gas station! Well whether its them or YOU that enjoys the very distinct fume, y’all probably should avoid it..not even probably-YOU SHOULD. First off, let me tell you exactly what gasoline is; its a […]

Woooooh!! It’s National Cake Day and I’ve got some irrelevant facts to help you to celebrate; I guess? No way you’ll guess how BIG the largest wedding cake in the world weighed? Okay I’m just gonna tell you. In 2004, chefs from the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino created a whopping 15,032 lb cake! For why?! Because […]

Trappboy Freddy stopped by the #1 Hip Hop station to drop his new single lil Quita. The undeniable Dallas beat and sound has everybody going crazy in DFW. After spending some time catching up with  Pskillz on the Night Show Flight Show the fans thought it was only right Big Trapp, Jazzi Black from the […]

For the first timer EVER fossils of hominids (you know the first human-like organisms where science says we come from gorillas and chimpanzees) are coming to Dallas from South Africa! The exhibit will be held at the Perot Museum of Natural Science in Downtown Dallas and marks the first time these fossils have been displayed outside of […]