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A Senior student at North Dallas High School named Andy Moreno, who identifies himself and dresses like a female, was running for Homecoming Queen.

Which caused some controversy with the principle of North Dallas High, who is in her first year as principle for this school.

Principle Dinah Escanilla told Andy that “he could run for Homecoming King” but since Andy considers herself a female, Andy isn’t comfortable running for KING when she feels she’s a female not male.

Yesterday, Andy didn’t make the Homecoming Court for either King or Queen when the court was announced.

Andy was quoted as saying, “I don’t have anyone that doesn’t want me to run, the only people who are having a problem with it is the Administration.”

Andy feelss upset and a little suspicious of the results. She believes it was discriminatory, she said.

The Dallas Independent School District said in a statement there was no change in the principal’s position to allow only male students to be eligible for homecoming king and female students to be eligible for homecoming queen.

“The district fully supports the decision of the principal at North Dallas High School. It should be noted that the Dallas Independent School District is proud to have one of the most aggressive anti-harassment policies among school districts in the state of Texas,” DISD said in a statement.

Officials would not discuss the homecoming court vote tally.

The school let’s Andy come to school dressed as a girl but Andy can’t be Homecoming Queen?

What do you think about this?

*photo credit Tammye Nash/Dallas Voice