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The plethora of Dallas-area parties surrounding the NBA All-Star Game this weekend may be a case, to use an old expression, of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. For the average Joe, getting into the hottest parties figures to be as easy as stopping LeBron James in his tracks.

Star power is the draw, with a focus on Hollywood, hip-hop and sports. The parties and performances are tailored for a variety of tastes and pocketbooks, with many events benefiting charities.

Despite costs that can soar into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, a few parties come with caution tags attached. Be wary of those that boast “invited guests include …” Anyone who tried to attend parties during the 2006 NBA Finals when Dallas played Miami found out that “invited” guests often don’t show or spend most of their time in private rooms after a walk-through for the crowd.

Speaking of champagne, Richard Weidel, the wine manager at Goody Goody Inc., a local liquor store chain, is just one merchant anticipating a tsunami of Dallas champagne sales, with individual bottles ranging from $142 (Dom Pérignon) to $315, the going rate for what appears to be an NBA All-Star favorite, Ace of Spades Rosé.

The Lamborghinis are all rented out, and hotel rooms south of 635 vanished days ago.

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