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Anthony Terrell, the teenager who killed rapper Juvenile’s four-year-old daughter has been handed two life sentences. This past Friday, September 10, Atlanta Superior Court Judge Debra Turner handed Terrell two-life sentences for his brutal actions. Juvenile, real name Terius Gray, did not attend the hearing.

Anthony, who is now 19, did plead guilty to the murders and did show some remorse for the killing and was qouted in the court room

“I never planned what happened that day,” Terrell told the courts. “My mom and I got into a disagreement and things just spiraled out of control.”

Anthony got into an argument with his mother, back in February of 2008, for bringing a girl over to the house without permission. After the argument, he went and grabbed his mother’s service gun and shot her with it. He then shot his 11-year-old sister who witnessed the murder, followed by shooting four-year-old Jelani. Terrell’s reasons for killing Jelani? He didn’t want her to grow up without a mother.