A singer with Germany’s top girl band has apologized to a court today for having sex with men without telling them she carried the virus that causes Aids.

Nadja Benaissa, 28, told justices at the District Court of Darmstadt, ‘I am sorry with all my heart.’

She said she was ‘careless during those days’ and admitted she did not tell her sex partners about her condition.

As to the charge of infecting one of the three men with the virus she said, ‘I never wanted this to happen to one of my partners.’

But today the man who was infected claimed in court that her management tried to buy his silence over her condition.

The 34-year-old stared at her in the courtroom saying: ‘You caused me so much grief.’

He said he had sex with her five to seven times over a three month period in 2004, at least three of which were without condoms.

He maintained contact with her after their affair ended and said it was her aunt who told him in 2007 that she was HIV positive.

The man told the court, ‘My quality of life has shrunk enormously. I cannot travel to many countries. I have been told by my doctor my condition can become full blown Aids at any time.

‘My income is halved but this is not about money. I am getting nausea all the time.’

He said her management offered him a deal to remain silent about her HIV but he said he wanted her to go public with it and pay 100,000 euros to an Aids research charity.

If she had done this, he claimed, he would not have gone to the police.