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I’M LYING, o well, so sue me! Anywho, I just wanted to take the time to point out what I felt was obvious. Isn’t it a HUGEcoincidence that as soon as our hometown sweetheart, Miles Austin started to get a little shine by dating Ms. Kim Kardashian, then all of a sudden, some of our other Dallas Cowboy Players started popping up in the media but not for good reasons! We got rookie Dez Bryant set tripping over a little routine rookie hazing. Meaning he didn’t want to carry Roy Williams pad’s. Even Derwin Davis did it on The Game! Now we got Mike Hamlin’s and Martellus Bennett’s goodies floating around on the Internet. Some may question is all of this so that the guys can get a little free publicity before the season starts or did they all just have a really bad weekend…hmm? Well if free publicity is what they want, HERE IT IS and if its not, Mike and Martellus need to start sending pics of themselves from the neck up…I’m just saying!

P.S. Is Mike and Martellus in the same bathroom