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Romance is great, isn’t it? But let’s face it, sometimes you want more than just romance. Here are some tips to spice up your Valentine’s Day:

1) Ask your spouse to answer the following questions:

* What do you want?

* Where do you want it?

* How do you want it?

* For how long do you want it?

2) Have your partner write out 5 of his fantasies on pieces of paper, you do the same. When you are both finished, put the 10 fantasies in a jar and keep it in a private place. Take turns picking from it whenever you feel adventurous.

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3) Spend a few minutes making out in the car after your date, before you go inside.

4) Play your own version of “60 Seconds in Heaven”. Ask your love where they would like you to kiss them. Then spend the next 60 seconds lavishing over that particular area of their body.

5) Call your mate while they are at work and seductively tell them how much you look forward to being with them when they get home. They may come home early!

6) Welcome him home with candles, soft music, a bubble bath for two and massage oil

7) Write him an erotic story featuring you both as the leads

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8) Have a hands-free night. Touch and arouse your man with your other body parts…your breasts, your hair, your nose, your mouth, your legs, your feet….

9) Leave a note, for your man, on the TV or remote control that says: “Turn me on instead”.

10) Start the day off right! Set your alarm a half hour and spend the extra time fooling around.

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