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Kelis has been extremely vocal in the past few weeks about her divorce, the birth of her child and the release of her fifth album. She’s fed the press with a lot of golden material, but what about her new album? Where does it fit and what does it say about this vivacious starlet?

Kelis, the 30-year-old recording artist and controversial media figure, has said in the past she feels “no competition” in the music industry. If her new album Flesh Tone is anything to go by, that’s probably because Kelis has continued to produce intense disco-pop tracks like no other…. literally, no other.

Kelis On Other Female Artists: “There Is No Competition”

But Kelis stands by her claim that she has allowed other female artists to follow in her tracks, telling the Associated Press that the female presence in the top 40 charts has changed dramatically because of her work.

“I hate to toot my horn, but if you look at where music was as far females and what’s Top 40 radio and whatever, where it was before “Milkshake,” versus after, I mean you kind of have to be retarded to deny that it literally changed female vocalists.”

Her latest album is not much of a jump from some of her past work, though with it she  will probably continue to demand influence in the disco-pop market as one of its most well-known divas.

Flesh Tone is a short album, with a collection of 9 tracks totaling just under 40 minutes.

As is the case with many recently released albums, it is initially very hard to differentiate between the sounds and intensity of Kelis’ individual tracks.

But while some songs from Flesh Tone are are lyrically very repetitive, others are loaded with curious reflections of love and living, undoubtedly some in relation to Kelis’ fresh breakup with Nas.

Kelis Says Nas Is Her Biggest Disappointment

If you were hoping that Kelis would put that deep, hypnotizing and husky voice to work in an R&B-oriented project, this album is probably not going to interest you.

We can only hope that one day we also hear something on par with ‘Trick Me’.

Check out this backstage (or ‘backdesert’) clip from the making of her follow-up track, ‘4th of July (Fireworks).