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Kelis was recently interviewed by PopJustice, and when asked which female artists she considers her competition, Kelis said:

“It’s funny, and I don’t know whether that’s arrogance, but I don’t feel like there is any competition.”

“It depends on how you approach music making. For me to say that there was competition, well, I would have to have approached making an album in a very different way because no one can compete with my own life. No one can compete with the experiences that made me write what I write.

“I don’t write music to please anybody. I don’t write music to get on the charts. It’s nice when that happens, that’s a great defining moment, but either way I’d have written the same thing.”

“No one can compete with the birth of my child, no one can compete with my reverence for God. There’s absolutely not a single person in the world that can challenge that for me.”

Who do YOU think Kelis’ competition is?

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