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There’s something about the summer that makes relationships more fun. The warm weather allows for more options with your man.  Whether it’s a serious relationship or a summer fling, take advantage of what the summer has to offer and see what makes summer lovin’ happen so fast!

Along with good weather, summertime is usually the best time for vacation.  Whether it’s a trip across the country or a trip to the beach, traveling with your significant other is generally easiest during the summer.  Make it a point to go places together whenever you get the chance- the opportunity doesn’t come along as often during the other seasons.  take it a step further and plan a couple’s vacation! The best part of the summer is people’s flexible schedules.  Give yourself some time to plan ahead and come up with something fun and memorable for both of you.

Along with traveling, plan cute dates! Going to the movies is no longer your only option.  Eat dinner at an outdoor restaurant and then finish the night with some drinks on your roof.  Take some time out and plan a camping trip.  This is a lot of fun if you go with a group of people.  All you need is a campfire, some tents, and a sky full of stars. These are the types of things that become impossible by November: so take advantage of the season!

More heat= less clothing. Try new things! Everyone is trying out risky outfits that work with the heat, so step outside your comfort zone.  Put on something exciting and his eyes will definitely get fixated on you.  There’s nothing better than being on a date and having his constant gaze make you feel more comfortable in your new outfit.

Summertime means that there are no boundaries.  Use the outdoors to explore your man’s adventurous side.  See if he would be down for some PDA in interesting places.  Make a places-to-do-it list and see how many you can cross off by August.  This is deinitely risky.  If it turns out that it’s too difficult to find some privacy outside of your own neighborhood, then at least take advantage of your own outdoors.  Whether it’s your roof or your yard, stay out of other people’s site and enjoy each other under the sun with a cool breeze.

Ladies: do you have more ways to take advantage of the summer with your man? Fill us in!

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