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Here at HelloBeautiful we know what gets your attention! Take a look at some weird facts we gathered about men as we approach Father’s Day. Everything helps, especially if you don’t know what to buy him. So, as you read, think: leggings, a leash, a private urinal for the home, some sunglasses and/or a GPS for yourself.

Dress Dad Up Differently This Father’s Day

1. He May Being  Going Bald For A Different Reason

When he takes his jeans off for the first time in the Fall, check out the bald patch on the back of his leg. Jeans can rub away at the hairs on his legs and effectively remove the hair.

2. He Does Things Because He’s An Animal

The UK’s Observer Magazine listed a number of things your man does that reflect his place in the animal kingdom:

a) Whistling – once a mating call

b) Carrying A Big Collection Of Keys to prove he has a “big cave”

c) Acting like a Drama ‘King’ in public to create tension and prove his status

d) Maintaining A Goatee – a form of civilized manliness, as if to say “I grow hair, but I keep it looking nice.”

3. He May Have The Same Bathroom Etiquette As Us

Etiquette in the bathroom is a universal concept but if you’ve never entered a mensroom at peak hour, you might not be aware of how it works in a man’s world. Men do several strange things once inside including standing as far away as possible as everyone else to create a sense of privacy. They also either shake or wipe after ‘watering the plants’. Yes – some wipe!

4. He Can See More Than We Can

Science tells us that he blinks half as much as you do.

5. He Really Is The One With A Better Sense Of Direction

Grab his arm and follow him! Men, being the hunters and gatherers that they were, are naturally better at finding places. The only difference between a man and a woman in this sense is that a woman won’t panic if she gets lost. The equation we can draw from this is that, ‘Man + Woman = perfect GPS navigator.’

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