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MUFON Assistant State Director Margie Kay is investigating recent UFO sightings over Royals Stadium the afternoon of June 6 and sightings in Platte county in May and June.

Two people witnessed a small, white object in a shape resembling an aspirin moving slowly from North to South during a Royals game on Sunday, June 6, at approximately 2:00 PM.

The object appeared to be at some distance away and had four, small, star-like looking objects around it – one above, one below and one on each side that were moving with it at the same rate of speed.

Then the star-like objects moved out in front of the object and 5 to 6 more stars appeared that were scattered around it in no apparent order.

They all slowly moved to the north until they were no longer visible from the stadium. One witness stated that when he looked at the object through his sunglasses, the star-like objects were easier to see.

Other people in the area where they were sitting appeared to be looking at the same object and pointing at it.

MUFON would like to hear from any other witnesses who may have seen the same thing.

There have been several UFO sightings in Platte County recently near Weston and the Missouri River and over Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, just across from Weston, Missouri in May and June, 2010.

Multiple witnesses have seen unexplained lights moving in the sky, a silver saucer-shaped craft that emitted a beam of light over a field and fence, and on one instance, two witnesses claim to have had a beam of white light illuminate them from an unknown source above them.


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