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Michael Jackson was the best at what he did and he will always be remembered, well I have some great news for all you adoring fans out there. Rumor has it that this Christmas there will be a new Michael Jackson video game on the market. The game is currently “untitled” but it will generally be a type of dance Karokee, it will be available on several gaming systems such as Wii, XBOX 360. The XBOX version will incorporate Microsoft new Kinect technology- which allows gamer to play without having to hold the remote control. You will be judged on your movement, and your avatar will be shown right next to MJ on the screen. Like I said before its karokee, so you will be able to sing along also to many of Michael’s hits, including my personal fave “Billie Jean”. This game is being developed by Ubisoft, the same people that make Assasin’s Creed & Ghost Recon. I am so excited for this game to come out, I already know its going to be sold out everywhere, just like how the Wii was in high demand when it first came out. Consumers get ready!Long Live The KING.

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