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The man who posted Lindsay’s bail yesterday — David Perez — tells TMZ Lindsay didn’t really forfeit her $100,000 bail.  The judge just applied the $100,000 to the new, enhanced bail, adding another $100,000 on, thus forcing Lindsay to pay an additional 10% premium to Perez. So Lindsay has really lost nothing, other than having to pay a total of $20,000 to the bail bondsman.

If the SCRAM people tell the judge Lindsay is drinking again, the judge will go through the same drill. Judge Revel can’t revoke bail altogether and throw Lindsay in jail …  because the case involves only a misdemeanor.  As long as Lindsay keeps paying the increased premium, she’ll be free.

Bottom line … if Lindsay wants to keep drinking, it will probably cost her $10,000 a pop.

One more twist. Even though Lindsay is insisting she wasn’t drinking Sunday night, it won’t do her any good to get Shawn Chapman Holley to challenge it.  Even if Holley can convince the judge the SCRAM reading was bogus, all the judge would do is cancel the $200,000 bail and go back to the $100,000 bail.  So Lindsay would get $10,000 back, but it would probably cost $25 grand in legal and expert fees.