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Well, they say there are some BIG things in Texas, and this week’s featured “He Can Get It” model is the reason that statement is true.

Ladies, meet 25-year old sexy and dangerously BIG man, Darrick Bledsoe.

Born by the river, The Brazos, in Waco, TX, Darrick, was raised in the city until 1999 when his family moved to Arlington, TX, where he currently resides.

The charming Texan gent was discovered as a model in 2004, believe it or not, by his sons mother. She was a scout for a local modeling agency and she encouraged Darrick to go to an open call. He was hand-picked to be represented by the agency, however, he was scammed out of hundreds of dollars. This discouraged Darrick for a while. He took five years off to regroup and with lots of support he decided to give it another go. Since his return to the modeling scene his sexy good looks, and svelte muscular body has been shot by various top photographers for many websites. Darrick’s look has graced many urban pages as well as implied artistic nudes. “They like my body,” Darrick said. I am certain there are lots of women who will agree.

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When Darrick is not modeling he is a Machinist by trade. “I love working with my hands,” Darrick said. “I’ve made everything from vinyl siding for houses, to soda.” I know you ladies love a man who is good with hands and knows what to do with them.

In Darrick’s down time he says he enjoys family time with his children and grandmother. “She’s my rock,” Darrick said. Awwww, a man who knows the importance of family, and spending time with his grandmother. Yes, ladies, that is a sign of a good man. And, he is single.

I asked Darrick what type of woman he is looking for and he said, “I look for a woman like those described in the Bible. A virtuous woman who is my helpmate.” Darrick also claims to be the first Certified Cougar Hunter. “I love an older woman. They know what they want. She will tell you what she wants and likes, and leaves no room for guessing.” Well, well, well. How many older women out there are looking for a young tender to teach some things?

Darrick also said he is mostly looking for a woman he can connect with on a spiritual, intellectual, and physical level. “If one is lacking, she probably won’t make the cut. If she can’t stimulate my mind, she can’t stimulate my body. She has to know how to handle a country boy, so usually she’s from the country herself. But, first and foremost, she has to love me and my children also. If she wants me she has to prepare herself to accept five others. We are six a pack and non can be detached.”

Currently, Darrick is working on producing his own calendar, website, and getting more exposure for the public. “I’m not only doing it for myself, but for my city, my state, my whole region. I want all the major agencies to know the South is full of unexplored talent that needs to be tapped into,” Darrick said.

You can connect with Darrick on his Facebook page, HERE! And, photographers and modeling agencies can find Darrick at Model Mayhem, HERE!

Enjoy the photo spread of Darrick!