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Our girlie Da Brat may be coming back sooner rather than later as she has now been given a shot at freedom.

Da Brat who has been in jail for three years now for beating a waitress in the face with a bottle of rum is now on work release.

That means she almost free. From 9-5 Da Brat, also known as Shawntae Harris, will be making windows reports Sister 2 Sister Magazine. “I got a job… So if you need a window, holler at your girl,” said the almost rehabilitated rapper.

She also plans to spend a lot of time at the studio and working on a lot of projects.

“I’ma be making windows, music, movies, TV shows, anything I can get my hands on,” said Brat. “I’m fittin’ to come out and running…fast,” she said.

Well we hope she can join in on the female rap game sooner than later. We wish her the very best!