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// May 31, 2010. Here’s one of the most DISGUSTING incidents of RACISM ever. According to Dallas’ WFAA TV, a racist collection agency called Advanced Call Center Technologies, was sued and LOST a $1.5 MILLION court case.


The company began BLOWING UP Allan Jones’ cell phone – asking him to pay a debt. When Allen refused to engage the VERY PUSHY debt collector, the collector became VULGAR.

Allan then began SCREENING HIS CALLS so that he didn’t have to hear the DISRESPECTFUL THINGS that the debt collector was saying. That’s when the collector began leaving RACIST MESSAGES on his voicemail.

Here is an example of one of the messages they left for dude:

“This is your mother****** wake-up call you little lazy a** b**** . . . Get your mother******* n****r ass up and go pick some mother******* cotton.”

Allan got himself lawyer. And armed with the incriminating voicemail, he SUCCESSFULLY SUED the collection agency for $1.5 MILLION.

Here is a video of the FULL STORY: