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Rapstress, Lil Mama, who garnered national attention as a young female rapper and then grew to become a judge on reality show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’, is back in the spotlight. No, we’re not going to rehash Lil Mama jumping on stage alongside Jay-Z and Alicia Keys where she almost Kanye’d herself. Instead, Lil Mama seems to have turned into a ‘lil diva’. Apparently, Lil Mama and her crew were scheduled to film shots with Romeo and his new rap group’s new music video. The normal protocol in those situations is for the artist to wear the clothes for the shoot and return them. Not this time, however. Lil Mama and her crew decided to go all Brooklyn on Romeo’s stage managers and just plain not return the clothes. Now that’s gangsta, ain’t it? Now, Lil Mama is being dragged to court over the ordeal, because her camp refuses to pay. SMH! Let’s hope this doesn’t get out of hand.

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