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This footage below shows stunned onlookers as they observe a mysterious, silent UFO that simply suddenly appeared in the sky without any warning whatsoever.

This UFO event is said to have occurred in the vicinity of the city of Beijing, around one week ago.

One witness, Mr Shen, told this publication that as he was standing and admiring the view a bright light just appeared in the sky. ‘It certainly wasn’t the sun as it was in a different part of the sky and at first I thought it was plane but as I waited for it to move away or come closer it did not-the object which was extremely bright and looked like it was revolving, just remained in the same place’.

‘I think that it might have been the legendary UFO and possibly from another planet altogether’.

China is said to be the number one country for UFO sightings today with many occurring daily: Chinese citizens are now debating what this extraterrestrial activity means for their country’s future.