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Most of us that have a Facebook account have heard the rumor that Facebook is considering charging its members a monthly user fee. But are they really, or is it just a rumor? It seems to be a little of both.

Facebook has over 350 million members. People use the social networking site to connect with friends, family, old high school buddies and even their business connections. However, for awhile now the rumor on the internet has been that Facebook would start charging a $14.99 monthly fee beginning in July 2010.

There have been groups popping up on Facebook to protest the alleged fee. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users (me included) have already stated flatly that they would leave the site rather than pay any user fee. Some people have said they would be willing to pay a “reasonable” fee to continue using Facebook. “Reasonable” has been defined as $1-10 a month.

Facebook reps have denied that they are planning on charging a monthly or yearly fee to its users. However, their denial seems to leave room for interpretation. Facebook just told Fox News that they will not charge for “basic services”, yet they give no definition of what “basic services” are exactly. That leaves one suspicious that Facebook is actually considering ways to charge their users for use of at least some aspects of their site.

How do you feel about this? Do you use Facebook? Would you be willing to pay a fee to continue using Facebook and if so, how much? You can read about how Generation X has embraced Facebook by clicking here. But will Gen X continue to embrace them with a fee?

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