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By Hello Beautiful January 24, 2010 9:00 am


So, you have an amazing guy in your life, and your urge may be to stay within your comfort zone and not risk doing anything that might screw things up.  But while it might be nerve-racking, in order to evolve and build a sturdier connection, you really have to venture out a little. Making certain bold calls allows you both to reveal your true colors and when you are willing to do that, you forge a stronger, tighter bond.


“If you’re always together, you won’t have much to talk about,” says relationship therapist Jennifer Oikle, PhD. “There is an actual psychological theory called habituation, which states that when people are together almost every day and get used to that person, their presence no longer elicits a feel-good response.”

Beyond that, it’s a fact that a guy is way more attracted to a girl who has her own things going on. “When a man feels like he’s the only thing a woman has in her life, it puts a lot of pressure on him, and he may freak out and distance himself,” says psychotherapist John Amodeo, PhD.


“Checking in frequently with your female friends brings you closer, but it can drive a guy away,” says psychotherapist Patricia Covalt, PhD. Men use the phone only when they need to get or give information. If you’re calling to start a conversation about the minutia of your life, he may jump to the conclusion that you’re being needy. It’s just a difference in nature.

Try this and you’ll see how well it works: When his phone is not ringing with updates from you, it makes him wonder what you’re doing. Then, when he calls you to check in, he’s more excited and invested in the conversation, and his bond to you tightens. READ MORE BELOW THE GALLERY!

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