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Last year, a study found that the number of Americans who identify themselves as Christians has fallen by 11%. But it seems Christianity isn’t the only religion that’s hemorrhaging followers . . . and it’s not just happening here in the States.

–Over the last few years, hundreds of Buddhist temples in Japan have been forced to close their doors.

–According to a group of monks, the problem is that Japan’s young people just can’t relate to the traditions of Buddhism, so they’re turning their backs on the religion.

–So to attract more followers, a group of Japanese Buddhists has opened a new nightclub called the Monk Bar, which serves alcohol and features live hip-hop performances by the monks themselves. (???)

–A guy named Kansho Tagai . . . who goes by the street name “Mr. Happiness” . . . is one of the monks who came up with the idea. He says, quote, “Getting the young people back to religion is key to Buddhism’s survival. In Japan, it’s a religion in crisis.” (CNN)