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Now it’s time to recognize our Father of the Day . . . 43-year-old Scott Sullivan of West Bloomfield, Michigan (–a northwestern suburb of Detroit).

–Two weeks ago, Scott became furious when he caught his 14-year-old daughter making out with her 16-year-old boyfriend in the backseat of the kid’s car.

–At which point Scott dragged his daughter out of the boyfriend’s car, jumped into the driver’s seat, and drove the car out onto a FROZEN LAKE, where he left it with the kid still inside.

–The boyfriend tried to drive the car off the ice, but one of the tires had already sunk into the water. The next day, a tow truck was able to pull the kid’s car back onto solid ground.

–Anyway, Scott was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property, and reckless driving. If he’s convicted, he could get more than TEN YEARS in prison.

–Fortunately, no one was injured.