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We have had it UP TO HERE with the director Lee Daniels. First, dude makes that Monster’s Ball movie, which had the skinny dude treating Halle Berry like she was a $2 whore.

Then he made that Precious movie, which portrayed every Black person as a welfare recipient/abuser.

Now this idiot is doing a film about Martin Luther King. And in it, he’s going to focus on UNPROVEN and VERY RECKLESS allegations about Martin being with prostitutes. And even if they were true, why make a movie about THAT PART of Dr King’s life??????

Obviously this dude is a very troubled man, who appears to be trying his best to smear the reputation of one of the most BELOVED African Americans in history. We were upset with dude when he made Monster’s Ball, we were disgusted with him when he made Precious – now we are just ANGRY with dude.

If ANYONE has any information about Lee Daniels that we can use in an UPCOMING article on him, please send it to us at That dude feels comfortable SCANDALIZING the good name of Dr. Martin Luther King, we’ll just have to RETURN THE FAVOR.

Developing. . . .

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