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Men Use Wheelchair to Steal ATM, Cops Say


DALLAS – A group of men used an unusual method to try to steal an ATM from a Dallas hotel early Tuesday morning.

Police said thieves created a distraction at the Doubletree Hotel in the 2000 block of Market Center Boulevard using a man in a wheelchair.

He approached the security guard and asked for assistance so that his buddies could get to work on the ATM. They tried to take the machine out the back door but the cleaning crew caught them, police said.

“During the process of trying to take the ATM machine, one of the hotel employees discovered them and yelled for security. At that point in time the suspects took off running,” said Sr. Cpl. Janice Crowther.

The hotel employees called 911 and gave officers a description of the getaway vehicle. Officers later caught up with that vehicle and made two arrests. Other suspects are still on the run.

Police are still investigating whether the suspects involved in the case were also involved in a similar case at Dallas City Hall a few weeks ago.