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AllThatsFab sat with Omarion to talk about Young Money, bloggers, and his new album. Here are some excerpts..

ATF: Everyone is talking about you leaving Young Money. I want you to just tell us why you made such a bold move?

O: I just saw how the ship ran. And the idea in the beginning to work with Lil’ Wayne was all good because Wayne does how to coach. He knows how to place things in the right position to make things happen. I respect Wayne so much and I really wanted to work with a camp full of all those creative people.

ATF: So what did you expect going into Young Money?

O: I came in there looking at it all like a partnership. And as more and more time went by I started noticing it was Wayne’s ship. And when you have someone like me that’s already been successful and a boss in my own right. That really caused some friction there. Like I know how things should go. You see I been out the game for a little while now and they’re just putting out a Young Money album. So you wouldn’t have been hearing any music from Omarion. You would have just heard me singing hooks on Young Money tracks. I respect Wayne’s vision it just wasn’t for me.

ATF: So what is up with this about you leaving because Bow Wow came to Young Money? Is there a beef there or something?

O: Actually Me & Bow are still cool. My decision to leave had nothing to do with him. Even though they are meshing cash Money and Young Money together, those are totally different entities. You see so he is signed with Cash Money. Like if Bow was going to deal with someone it wouldn’t be Wayne, he reports to Birdman.


ATF: What has been the most irritating thing that you have seen on a blog about yourself?

O: Well I recently did an interview with someone talking about my personal views on me being with a Bi-sexual woman. And I just said I can’t be with a bi-sexual woman and then Amber Rose came up. And then it all got mixed up coming off like I don’t like bi-sexual people or something. I was just saying I don’t want a woman that wants someone else other then me.