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Some things are just so cliche that no matter how much you try and avoid them they reappear over and over. But in the name of cleaning house for 2010 can we please bid adieu to the following lies rappers tell?

6. The “I Won’t Wife it” lie- For some reason rappers love to proclaim their pimping skills. Remember a tid bit ago when Jay-Z said those famous words- “Not for nothing never happen, I’ll be forever macking” (Big Pimpin) I guess that’s until you meet Beyonce- huh! And what about the little jab he threw at Bey on “Minute Man” (”Get your independent ass outta here…question?”)

5. The “I don’t write my rhymes down” lie- Ok maybe Wayne can get away with this but the rest of yall- give it up!


4. The “I sold drugs and was a king-pin before I rapped” lie- Haven’t we all learned from Rick Ross that all lies come to the light!

3.The “I do drugs” lie- So you mean to tell me that every rapper has had some stint with marijuana or liquorr. Even Bow Wow has claimed to be a little messed up in the brain over some weed. Actually he may have been when he did this album:

2.The “I’m a sex guru” lie- Not every rapper has a magic stick but they will surely try and make you believe they do.

1. The “I hate cops” lie- Sure, you hate them up until you need to call them to protect you!

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