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By Jeanene James January 8, 2010 3:15 pm


Uggs have officially taken over the footwear game for women.

The march of the clones is upon us, as it seems like four out of every five women can be spotted marching down any given street with fat, furry ankles stamped with an Achilles “Ugg.” Ugg boots have morphed into a mega trend that is used and abused by lazy women around the world. While they are a fabulous solution to the wet, snowy, frigid weather that repels every other footwear trend, Ugg boots have been pushed beyond their utilitarian limits. A classic example of this gross misuse is women wearing Ugglies in the summer. This is as bizarre as putting a snow man on your lawn in July (and wrong, just wrong).

Furthermore, every woman in America owns a pair. If you like looking like everyone else, then by all means, indulge. But if you have even an ounce of individuality in you, consider upgrading. Most likely you are reading this and experiencing one of two things:

a) Guilt about those Uggs in your closet that you admittedly reach for when you are too lazy to wear anything requiring effort (ie. tieing laces or zipping)


b) Outrage at the nerve of anyone willing to criticize the Ugg boot upon which your entire winter wardrobe hinges.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. If you agree that you’re in need of an upgrade, Hello Beautiful is here to help. If you are content with wearing your comfort shoes no matter what we say, that’s fine too. But do consider another equally comfy alternative.

Here are HB’s top 10 Ugg alternatives, to help you break free of the brand that is taking over America one fat, furry ankle at a time!

Consider these 10 reasons why you should abandon yours ASAP:

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1) Black Motorcycle Boots – $25.99

2) Tan Suede Boots – $19.99

3) Rust Faux Suede Fur Lace Up Wedge Boot – $12.99

4) Burberry Check Snow Boot – $295

5) Minnetonka Fringed Tall Boot – $85.95

6) Minnetonka ‘Tramper’ Boot – $49.95

7) London Fog Nikki -$69.99

Nine West Chiclet – $129 99

9) Lucky Brand “Daria” Duck Boots – $129.00

10) Burberry Check Lace Rain Boots – $195.00