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Shaq should keep his Game on the Court, not in the Court!!


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Shaq isn’t doing too much celebrating off the court with today’s news that a longtime jumpoff of his has hired Gloria Allred to represent her in a harassment suit.

A source close to Vanessa Lopez says Shaq began harassing her in September after Lopez told him she believed she was carrying his child. Shaq reportedly took the harassment to great lengths, even enlisting friends to help him.

“It went to the extremes of the police getting involved and a report being filed,” the insider said.

This isn’t the first time Shaq has been accused of getting ugly with a lady friend. Last year, Atlanta hip-hop artist Alexis Miller got a restraining order against O’Neal, claiming he threatened to hurt her and ruin her career after their romantic relationship dissolved. She also charged that he would call and breathe heavily into the phone.

Shaq also has a long history of rumored affairs — including being linked to NBA baby mama’s Laura Govan (Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee) and Latosha Lee (Damien Wilkins son’s mother). Arenas denied Govan being involved with Shaq, and Lee claims she was never Shaq’s mistress, but that they dated while he and Shaunie were separated.